European Removals

European Removals


How can we help shift your gear across Europe?

The primary objective for Eurogearshift Limited, is the smooth movement through Europe of your precious things. From the place of collection to the point of delivery, we oversee and undertake the safe transporting of each client's goods, be they boxes of clothes, luggage, furniture or motorbikes. 

How does the service work?

Well, simply put... Eurogearshift is a bespoke service whereby your goods (as little as 1 cubic metre) can be transported from the UK to Italy or any other country in Europe. And given the nature of some of the villages and towns throughout Italy, access is not always possible for larger vehicles. That's why, sending your goods in a van makes sense. Not only can your goods be delivered with ease to your home in Europe, but the costs are much cheaper than having a large removals firm take your goods in one of their lorries.

What areas do we do deliveries in Europe?

Italy is the most popular country for van loads and small removals for us, including van loads to Sardinia, van loads to Sicily and all other islands connected to the country.  We will also collect or deliver part loads to Corsica, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg; anywhere that is en route to Italy. We have also done van loads to Norway, to Sweden, to Denmark, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain too.

Why choose Eurogearshift?

You can trust Eurogearshift to transport your goods across many miles throughout Europe. We have helped many, many clients transport furniture to Italy, household goods to Germany, motorbikes and scooters to France and all kinds of goods from large wax sculptures to chandeliers as far down as Sicily and as far east as Hungary.

You can also read reviews from customers left here on this website, or on our facebook page. You can also see photos of places we've delivered here. The plus sides of a man-and-van service are second to none! Here are some benefits:


  • We stay in constant communication with the client from collection to delivery;
  • You can usually track your goods as they are transported throughout Europe;
  • There are reviews from very satisfied clients on our facebook page, Google Reviews and this website. I can provide many other customer references too;
  • Our vehicles are reliable and in the unlikely event of breakdown, fully covered by warranty and other insurance so that your goods are delivered no matter what


Please send us an email, give us a call or get a quote using my simple form for us to transport small loads to Italy or do small European removals for you. We will be happy to help.