Frequently Asked Questions


What is ‘what-three-words’?

This is a website designed for people at crowded concerts or festivals and who want to find their friends! Each 3m x 3m of the earth has been mapped and assigned three individual words. So for those who know where their rural property is on the What3words online map, they can find out what three words relate to their property and help me to find you!

Do you transport pianos?

Yes. I have moved many pianos over the years. Small upright pianos can usually be managed by me on my own using a trolley. However, this does depend on access points and floor levels. As with all heavy items, it’s a one-man service I provide, so help is usually required at either end when it comes to heavy items like pianos. Grand pianos require professional packing and if that is arranged by the customer, then with extra man-power for loading and unloading, these can also be transported.

How do I know if my load is too big to share?

Your goods can be part of a ‘shared load’ if they weigh up to 800kgs, or if the volume of your goods is up to 11 cubic metres.

What is a cubic metre?

1m x 1m x 1m (you can picture it as 1 tall fridge freezer and a washing machine! Or three washing machines!)

What is the max weight of one box?


Does my entire load need to be stackable?

The more floor space your goods consume, the higher the price. If other goods cannot be stacked on top or your goods, then the area unused will form part of your reserved space and is factored into the quote.

What is the ideal type of container and what would you recommend?

Double skin, medium size removal boxes are great. Global Direct provide these and they have proven to be very suitable for stacking and packing. good quality plastic containers with lids.

How much cheaper is it to share a load?

The principal is the same as taking a taxi on your own to a destination, or getting on a bus!

What about deposits? Under what circumstances are they refundable?

The 20% deposit is only refundable when cancellation takes place at least 14 days before.

What about odd shaped items?

I can transport all manner of shaped objects. However, it would be best for me to see pictures beforehand so that I can determine if the items can be stacked onto other goods or if they might need their own floorspace.

How do I contact you in an emergency?

My mobile is always on. 07909 335697

Do you deliver/pick up from locations above ground floor? Are there any considerations?

There is a charge if goods are needed to be carried down stairs or brought down in lifts. The same for delivery up stairs and up in lifts. The charge is based on how many floor levels. When you submit a quote, this will be factored in.

How soon can I expect a response to my query?

I respond to emails, phone calls and messages between the hours of 9 and 5 on weekdays. I aim to reply within 24 working hours if not sooner.

By when do I need to make full payment?

The balance of payments are required anytime from collection of goods up until 2 hours prior to unloading. This is to ensure the money has reached my bank account before delivery.

What type of insurance do you have?

By completing the insurance forms, individual goods are insured at their current value up to £10,000 per item and up to £25,000 per van load. If the insurance forms are not completed, a value of £40 per box/item is reimbursed in the event of theft, damage or loss.

What about bad weather/traffic/delays etc?

I keep in regular communication with customers in the event of any delay. Usually, if bad weather prevents a collection or delivery, then the trip is postponed until the weather has cleared but I will always inform / discuss with you where any plans may require a change due to circumstances beyond my control.

What happens if my plans change at the last minute?

Please do get in touch. I will always do what I can to help, however please do be aware that the 20% deposit is only refundable when a cancellation is made 14 days in advance.

Do I Need Special Insurance?

I always advise that customers take out their own ‘Home Contents Transit Insurance’ using their own brokers. I do have Goods In Transit insurance, but it’s geared towards high-end commercial goods and does not cater to removables and house moves. Removers Insurance for Removal Companies is very expensive and once this cost is passed onto the customer, it works out cheaper if they could have taken out their own insurance through their Home Contents Policy. Here is a link for more info:

What are the internal loading dimensions?

The height for loading is 1.9m; the width for loading is 1.7m; and the loading length is 4.3m. The total volume of the van is 14m3 but because the van sides curve inwards slightly, I always say there is 12m3 capacity due to the nature of goods making up a removals load.

Is there a weight limit for my things?

Yes, unfortunately, there is a limit. Due to European laws on how much a 3,500kg gross vehicle can carry, this restricts the amount I am allowed to load. Therefore, the limit for each cubic metre shipped is 85kgs. If you have lots of books or other heavy goods to pack, then it is a good idea to weigh each box and record this so I can know exactly and avoid any complications with police etc. If your goods come to more than 85kgs per 1m3, then there is a charge for this.

Can I book all the space on your van?

Yes, you can book the full 12m3 once you have established a date that you would like the transport. Then there is a 20% deposit to pay to secure that van-load for that date.

Can I Ship Just A Small Amount Of Goods?

Yes! My service is based on collecting lots of small loads and transporting them all in one run. It does depend on how flexible you can be though in terms of collection dates, delivery dates and the time of day for these to happen.

Can I ship paint and similar products with you?

Yes, you may send paint, creosote, varnish and other non-hazardous liquids to Italy and other European countries, as long as they are securely packed.

What other things do you transport?

Other things I transport to Italy and other countries in Europe, are: bicycles, motorbikes, lawnmowers, furniture, white goods like washing machines, fridge-freezers, cookers etc… Anything that can fit in the van that is legal and non-hazardous.

How Can I Be Sure That My Goods Will Be Looked After?

When your goods are loaded onto the vehicle, they are secured and cushioned using blankets, cardboard and straps. The goods usually picked up from the collection point en route to their European destination and so there is no need to move them around, risking scuffs and scratches. There is also no transferring from van to van, truck to truck, as there is in the parcel and pallet networks.

What Vehicle do you use?

The vehicle I use to do these removals to Italy and other countries, is a Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base. It can carry up to 12 cubic meters of furniture and domestic type goods. If you are shipping many boxes of matchbox size, then I can squeeze 14 cubic meters in!

Which Countries Do You Cover?

Part loads, or even van loads, can be organised anywhere in Europe, but some places are less regular runs than others. The most regular trips involve small removals to Italy and there are many en route places that can be incorporated on these regular trips. The route normally goes through Germany (Cologne, Stuttgart and Ulm) onwards through Austria (Innsbruck) and down into Italy. Other routes can be structured that take into account the client’s needs though.

Do you collect loads from Europe for delivery to the UK?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a small load from Italy that needs delivery in the UK or even another country that’s en route to the UK, then I can schedule this into a trip. If you have a van load from Italy, or any other country in Europe, this is also something for which I cater.

When and how do I pay?

Once you have received a quote from me for your transport requirements, we’ve established the kind of dates you are happy with and you want to proceed, then there is a 20% deposit to pay so that the space on the van can be reserved for you. The balance is paid just prior to delivery.

What am I waiting for!!??

Nothing!! It won’t harm to ask for a quote, so please feel free to contact me!

How do I find out the weight of my goods?

The bathroom scales CAN sometimes be your friend! For boxes, bags and packages that are small enough, you can place these directly on your bathroom scales to establish the kgs. For larger items that you can hold, you can stand on the scales with the item and deduct your own body weight. Small items of furniture can sometimes be balanced on the scales, but larger items obviously have to be estimated. I can help with this if pictures of individual items are sent to me along with dimensions and details of the materials (eg, oak, pine, glass, marble, steel frame etc)

What if I can’t weigh my items?

You can send me a picture of all the prepared goods, an inventory of the contents and the dimensions (HxWxLcms) as best you can. Then I can estimate weight and volume and let you know. This may mean I have to overestimate in order to ensure enough capacity is set aside for you. It also means there might be some uncertainty as to how much of your load will go on the van. So I always advise that knowing in advance may avoid disappointment at the last minute.