Frequently Asked Questions


What Vehicle do you use?

The vehicle I use to do these removals to Italy and other countries, is a Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base. It can carry up to 12 cubic meters of furniture and domestic type goods. If you are shipping many boxes of matchbox size, then I can squeeze 14 cubic meters in!

What are the internal loading dimensions?

The height for loading is 1.9m; the width for loading is 1.7m; and the loading length is 4.3m. The total volume of the van is 14m3 but because the van sides curve inwards slightly, I always say there is 12m3 capacity due to the nature of goods making up a removals load.

Is there a weight limit for my things?

Yes, unfortunately, there is a limit. Due to European laws on how much a 3,500kg gross vehicle can carry, this restricts the amount I am allowed to load. Therefore, the limit for each cubic metre shipped is 85kgs. If you have lots of books or other heavy goods to pack, then it is a good idea to weigh each box and record this so I can know exactly and avoid any complications with police etc. If your goods come to more than 85kgs per 1m3, then there is a charge for this.

Can I book all the space on your van?

Yes, you can book the full 12m3 once you have established a date that you would like the transport. Then there is a 20% deposit to pay to secure that van-load for that date.

Can I Ship Just A Small Amount Of Goods?

Yes! My service is based on collecting lots of small loads and transporting them all in one run. It does depend on how flexible you can be though in terms of collection dates, delivery dates and the time of day for these to happen.

Can I ship paint and similar products with you?

Yes, you may send paint, creosote, varnish and other non-hazardous liquids to Italy and other European countries, as long as they are securely packed.

What other things do you transport?

Other things I transport to Italy and other countries in Europe, are: bicycles, motorbikes, lawnmowers, furniture, white goods like washing machines, fridge-freezers, cookers etc… Anything that can fit in the van that is legal and non-hazardous.

How Can I Be Sure That My Goods Will Be Looked After?

When your goods are loaded onto the vehicle, they are secured and cushioned using blankets, cardboard and straps. The goods usually picked up from the collection point en route to their European destination and so there is no need to move them around, risking scuffs and scratches. There is also no transferring from van to van, truck to truck, as there is in the parcel and pallet networks.

Do I Need Special Insurance?

I always advise that customers take out their own ‘Home Contents Transit Insurance’ using their own brokers. I do have Goods In Transit insurance, but it’s geared towards high-end commercial goods and does not cater to removables and house moves. Removers Insurance for Removal Companies is very expensive and once this cost is passed onto the customer, it works out cheaper if they could have taken out their own insurance through their Home Contents Policy. Here is a link for more info:

Which Countries Do You Cover?

Part loads, or even van loads, can be organised anywhere in Europe, but some places are less regular runs than others. The most regular trips involve small removals to Italy and there are many en route places that can be incorporated on these regular trips. The route normally goes through Germany (Cologne, Stuttgart and Ulm) onwards through Austria (Innsbruck) and down into Italy. Other routes can be structured that take into account the client’s needs though.

Do you collect loads from Europe for delivery to the UK?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a small load from Italy that needs delivery in the UK or even another country that’s en route to the UK, then I can schedule this into a trip. If you have a van load from Italy, or any other country in Europe, this is also something for which I cater.

When and how do I pay?

Once you have received a quote from me for your transport requirements, we’ve established the kind of dates you are happy with and you want to proceed, then there is a 20% deposit to pay so that the space on the van can be reserved for you. The balance is paid just prior to delivery.

What am I waiting for!!??

Nothing!! It won’t harm to ask for a quote, so please feel free to contact me!