Our Work

Our Work


Part Load to Citta dei Castello

Some paintings delivered from northern France to Umbria for our customer


Moving Stars to Puglia!

Highlight of my 'career' so far! Meeting Richard Jones and Sophie Ellis Bextor and helping them move!


Typical Puglia!

Delivering some goods from the UK to a Trullo in Puglia

Van load to Tuscany

Isle of Elba

Another part-load of household goods delivered to Elba in Tuscany


Desperate for a wash!

Taken after a delivery we made to the Dolomites region of Italy!


Viaduct Views!

This is the road to Italy as you leave Nantua in France!


Sunny Somerset!

Goods that came on the van from Monte Corona, Umbria, Italy, to Somerset


Tricky Access!

Most times, the Sprinter is the perfect size for fitting into tiny Italian villages!


A quick light test!

Showing off before the next trip out to Europe!



Waiting for the SatNav to crunch it's numbers before setting off to mainland Italy!


A part-load collected in Tuscany

A tiny, walled town that overlooked the region of Macerata, Umbria


Shepherd's Hut delivery!

Flatpacked, this shepherd's hut fitted onto the van and was delivered to Umbria!


Fiat 500 from Matera to Leicestershire

One of the few 4 wheeled vehicles that can fit in the van!


Monte Bianci

At the foot of the great mountain!


Cappuccino on the bar veranda in Montone

A meet-up with Rob before we unload his goods at his 'work in progress' retreat in Umbria, Italy


Another collection of artworks delivered!

James and Guilia's art studio in Isola del Liri, Frosinone!

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UK to Sardinia

A full van load from Surrey to the southwest tip of Sardinia


The Fleet!

Vangelina and Vangelica, side by side with only one digit difference between their registration!


A part load to Liguria

This one was for a few items of furniture to go from the UK to a small village in the Liguria region of Italy, near Imperia

Full Load to Tuscany

Chiusu, Tuscany

This one was for a customer moving from Luxembourg to Tuscany



Dominik just had to make sure he could get the van under!

London to Padova part load

London to Padova part-load

A part load to be brought down 4 levels, taken to Padova and taken up 4 levels!

Small Load France to Italy

A small van load from Metz

A small load collected from storage in Metz and delivered to a place in the mountains near Rome

Van load Sardinia

The view from the Ferry!

Sardinia approaches as the sun goes down!



Graham delivers a full van load from London to Camerino, Le Marche! The smiles say 'job well done'!


Full Van from Udine to Redruth

Don helped us with this one. It was one of two full van loads from Northern Italy to Cornwall

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Ride-on-mower to Puglia

One of our regular customers had us transport her ride-on-mower to just outside Cisternino, Puglia, Italy

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Some artwork to Monaco

En route to Italy, we were able to drop some very valuable paintings to a customer in Monaco


Percussion to Puglia!

Richard Jones' (The Feeling) practice kit on it's way to southern Italy


A Steep Delivery

Delivering a small van load in the mountains of Abruzzo


Small Removal from Tuscany

A part load collected from a house in the hills on the Tuscany/Umbria border


Molfatta, Puglia

Another part load from Stoke to Molfatta, near Bari, Puglia


Le Marche

A hot sunny day delivering to rural Le Marche, near Offida


Assistance required!

This one was for a pallet of wine to be collected in Avelino, Italy. The road was too steep for the van!


Rome to Heidelberg

A part load from Rome to Heidelberg in Germany


Gamberalle, Abruzzo

A small load for a customer who will feature on the TV series "A New Life In The Sun" soon! Look out for the courier!



Just after an evening collection of wine from the Campania region of Italy


Loading up!

More loading part loads from storage in Tewkesbury


Rome to Oxford

This was a small load collected from the Academio Brittania for a Historian moving to a new teaching post in Oxford


Lotus Delivery

A 1971 Lotus Elite, photographed at Mont Blanc tunnel and delivered to Offida, Le Marche


Forte di Bard

Hi up in the hills near the Aosta Valley


Yurt to Cisternino, Puglia

Quite literally moving someone's home! This yurt, delivered in several pieces and now it stands proud as a temporary home to a family moving to Italy


Family Business!

Things got too busy in July 2020! So I roped in my wife to help!


Film Crew!

"A New Life In The Sun" have started filming in Italy!


Classic Car at Mont Blanc

This little MG Midget en route to Offida, Le Marche, Italy


The View!

Looking down from the hills of Campello sul Clittuno



Collection of some wine for a customer on a Spring evening in Benevento city centre


Verona Loading

A small load from Verona, destined for Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic


Groceries to Puglia!

A little drop off of supplies for a customer in Alberobello



Another small delivery of boxes and luggage to Isola del Liri



A part load of domestic goods for the furnishing of a beautiful villa in Puglia



Collecting a small consignment of wine for a customer in Southport from this winery in the countryside


An Early Delivery to Tuscany

A little van load to Foiana del Chiana, Tuscany


Mountains of Veneto

Some more superb scenery from Northern Italy


Piano from Varese to Horsham

Helpful guys at the Sussex piano shop!


Loaded and Climbing High!

This was the beginning of the drive back through the Dolomites.


Olive Oil Collection

This year was a productive one for the Calabrian Olive Oil producers


Bus Bench to Puglia!

Unusual, outdoor furniture from London to Ostuni!


Wood Burner to Tuscany

From an ebay seller in Yate, to a property in Tuscany!


Another Shipment to Umbria

More goodies delivered and put away under lock and key, without the customer being there.


Bath Time!

The van needed a clean after the long trip to Puglia! So I treated her - Italian style!


A Misty Day in Umbria!

This was a part-load delivery to Montone, Umbria for a regular customer.


Transport from Veneto, Italy

Collection of a knitting machine for delivery to a customer in Warwickshire.



A quick picture of this lonely castle on the south coast of Italy



The view from an apartment at the Monte Carlo Star. This was for a 4 seater sofa to be transported to the UK for repair


More impressive scenery!

An interesting looking bridge near Bagni dei Lucca, Tuscany


Marble table transport

A large and extremely heavy marble table top which needed to be transported from Ostuni, Puglia to Sussex for a customer


Another rest!

Parked up for a meal and a doze near Bourg en Bresse, France

Part Load to near Ascoli Piceno

Force, Marche

A place way up high in the mountains near Ascoli Piceno. A supply of furniture and other goods for an ex-pat couple

One man furniture transport

Inventing new ways to shift furniture!

This was part of a small furniture consignment that came from a flat in London, down in a small lift, then a number of steps. Delivery was 3 floors up a staircase in Cisternino, Puglia!


Al fresco in San Vito dei Normanni

Generous customers provide sustenance after a long drive down to Puglia!


Small van load to Bomba

A very tiny village on a mountain near Chieti. Due to the camber of that blockpaved road, the van would not get any nearer. Many trolley trips were made that day!


Mountains of Umbria

The route from one customer's house on the West side of a valley to another customer on the Eastern side.

Full load from Umbria

Trailer Load from Umbria

A part load which filled up the 7 cubic metre trailer from Monte Santa Maria Tiberina to Reading storage


Castello Delle Forme

A small load delivered to expats in this small village in Umbria


Piano Move

Transferring a Piano from the supplier's van in Cambridge onto my van for the onward trip to Italy

Transport to Puglia, Italy


A full van load from Derby to the 'White City', Ostuni, Puglia


Puglia Pick-up

Another part load from a village near Ostuni in Puglia, going to Sussex


Another trailer load

Another trailer load from San Vito dei Normannie, near Brindisi, Puglia


Mountains of Lazio

A small load from Northampton to Valvori, Lazio

Part load from Puglia to Wales

West Wales

Happy customers moving from Cisternino in Puglia to West Wales


Aosta Valley

A brief stop for coffee. This is a 1935 Austin Martin Legonda which I picked up in Le Marche and transported to Beamish, Durham.

Small Load from Umbria to Reading

One of three Small Loads from Umbria

This customer needed all her goods taken back from Monte Santa Maria Tiberina in stages. This service was ideal for her and delivery was to storage in Reading


Mont Blanc - The Descent

A little rest on the French side



Delivering some English furniture to a Doctor in Innsbruck, Austria


Delivering goods for big names!

Andrew Marr was proud to have been offered a place to display his artwork at the Venice Art Festival this year! I took them as far as Milan for him.


A brief stop in Northern Italy

Taking a break from a long drive and taking in the views!

italy Nov 2018_3382

Climbing Mont Blanc

The view as you climb from the Italian side of Mont Blanc


House in the Hills, Italy

Customer's house in the mountains of Umbria


Small Load to Calpalbio, Tuscany

This was for a part load from London to a small rural place near Calpalbio, Grosseto, Tuscany


Isle of Arran

Waiting for the ferry to Arran for a van load from Italy


Artwork from Provence to Rome

This is a home in Provence where I had to collect three paintings and take to Rome


Van and Box Trailer

Collecting a trailer load of leather making equipment and tools from another mountain residence in Tuscany


Two Man Effort!

Two of us needed on this job, involving some complicated manoeuvring of two vans and a trailer


Keeping an eye on the convoy!

Another shot of the journey to that mountain in Tuscany for the collection of goods


More Turning!

Our collection in the mountain all done, just the return manoeuvres to do!


Milan Show

Some interesting art for a show in Milan


Full van from Castello delle Forme, Umbria

A garage load of furniture and outdoor equipment loaded and taken to Guilford, Surrey


Storage Facilities in the UK

Customers looking for temporary storage can have their goods transported from Europe and stored for as long as they want


A Night's Stay

On the top of a mountain in Umbria, my digs for the night: A converted pigsty!


Loading for Puglia

Loading up the box trailer from the storage container I've hired for customers to have their goods delivered to in Tewkesbury. This load, as well as the van load, went to Alberobello in Puglia


Unusual deliveries in Nice!

Part of a coffee table delivered to a Nice apartment from Cambridge


Car Transport from Italy to UK

Taking a car back to Motability from Piedemonte in the beautiful mountains near Turin. The customer had fun driving it onto the transporter trailer!


Part Load from Suffolk to Umbria

A small removal to a beautiful house in the mountains of Umbria.

Van Load to Umbria, Italy


Waiting for a colleague to unload before 2nd van load near Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, Umbria, Italy


Two Euromen meet-up!

In a hotel carpark at Cesena, Italy, I meet a colleague for a swap of the trailer and some goods bound for UK


Full van load from Ostuni

A removal from Ostuni to Ayr, Scotland. Everything went on, despite the fears!

Part load to Le Marche from London

Part load to Le Marche, Italy

A small delivery of furniture and other goods from London to San Ginesio, Le Marche.


Maserati Engine Collection from Modena

Picking up a 6 litre boat engine from Modena in Italy

italy Nov 2018_3326

Delivery to Montone, Umbria

A full van load, relocated from Hemel Hempstead to the mountains of Umbria

italy Nov 2018_3379

Car Transporter Trailer

This Turatello Trailer is made in Padua, Italy. I frequently tow them back to the UK for my customer.

italy Nov 2018_3316

Goods from Sussex to Umbria

A regular client who recently purchased a second home in Italy

italy Nov 2018_3343

Piano Transport

Client hired a special lift to remove the piano from a top floor in Martina Franca, Puglia

italy Nov 2018_3322

Another part load to Umbria, Italy

Domestic goods transported to the Umbrian mountains

italy Nov 2018_3312


Taking in the scenery en route to Italy through Switzerland


Brief stop near Naples

Taking on needed coffee en route to Naples


Part Load from UK to Pescara

Sunday morning delivery to Pescara from London


Collection in Paris

A consignment of Wine collected in Paris, headed for Chiswick


Wedding Catering Goods near Le Mans, France

A dedicated load of glasses, plates and catering goods to a wedding event at a Chateau in France

IMG_3141 2

Art from Umbria

Collecting some art supplies from a mountain property in Umbria


Mirrors delivery to Scario, SA

This is the bay near a delivery for some mirrors I had in Scario, SA, Italy


Sitting on the dock of the bay!

Some much needed rest time after a delivery to Southern Italy



A crisp, May day along the Fernpass, Austria



A common sight near Ostuni in Puglia


Collection from Villastrada

A van, part-load collected from the beautiful countryside in Tuscany



Scene overlooking Lake Trasimeno at Castiglione del Lago



A house near a delivery to Ceglie, Puglia


Parked up at the lake!

Some brief respite in Tuscany before I moved on to another delivery in Italy



A town in rural Umbria



En route to do a collection of artwork from a small village in Marche



Blending into the scenery badly!


Waiting in Viareggio

Collecting marble blocks for the Evening Standard Theatre Awards trophies

Van Load from Puglia, Italy

Loading in Puglia

Small removals from Ostuni, Puglia to Cambridgeshire, UK


Small Load from Sicily

This removal from Sicily was for the transporting of about 3 cubic metres back to London


Van Loads to Ibiza

A joint operation with another trusted courier. This is us parked up at the Ibiza ferry port



A little sustenance at Valencia ferry port before embarking to Ibiza


Removals from the French Alps

This was a view from the house where I moved a small van load from France to Guernsey


Small Van Load to Rome

A little load collected in Puglia, Italy and delivered to Rome


Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

This is a beautiful little village on the top of a mountain in Umbria

Furniture Delivery to Italy

Transport to Italy

Furniture delivery to Citta dei Castello, Umbria, Italy


Van Load Puglia

Loading up at a villa near Ostuni in Puglia, Italy



A shot of the little Trullo houses, often used as holiday homes in Puglia, Italy



A cool little shot I captured from the van window on my phone in Sicily!


Delivering a Welder to Rome

A very, very heavy Tig Welder collected and delivered from Wiltshire to Rome

FullSizeRender 4

Plant Transport

Moving heavy plant in Puglia, Italy!


Milan to Canary Wharf, London

A part-load from Milan to London


Trento to Sussex

Furniture delivery from the city of Trento, Italy to Robertsbridge, Sussex



Furniture collected in Chiswick, London and delivered to a property near Cetona, Tuscany, Italy


Regular load to Umbria

A familiar place to deliver in rural Umbria for a customer who is slowly renovating a place out there


Terracotta Transport!

A rural village where access was impossible for the van, but the locals were quick to help with solutions!

Furniture delivery from Italy to UK

Furniture from Italy to UK

An example of the smallest type of load (1 cubic metre) from Milan to London


Frankfurt to London

A 3 cubic metre removals from Frankfurt, Germany to Southwest London


Bath to Umbertide, Umbria, Italy

A heavy, 2 metre mirror was loaded here for delivery to Italy


View from a mountain top

This was taken at the top of a mountain in Umbria where I delivered to a property just 500 yards from this spot


Part Load to Nice, France

The view from an apartment where a part load was delivered in Nice, France.

Man and Van Trieste

Man and Van Rome to Trieste

A client in Rome wishing to move to Trieste.

Man and Van from Italy to UK

Isola Del Iri to Bracknell

This was a delivery to an Art warehouse near Bracknell, from an artist's studio south of Rome, Italy

Artwork transport Italy

Artwork Transport

My client, James, an artist south of Rome, helping with the loading for sculptures to be exhibited in London

Van load from Puglia

Pick up in Puglia

Collecting a little doggie destined for the UK from Fasano, Puglia, Italy

Umbria Man and Van

Breakfast on a mountain!

Monte Corona. A brief stop to cook bacon and other much needed sustenance!

Delivery to Scario, Italy

Perks of the job!

Taking in the view from my client's pool, after delivering furniture to his home in Italy

Rome to Trieste

Collecting all sorts in Rome

A move from Rome to Trieste


Devon to Rome

Delivery of a ride-on lawnmower to Italy


London to Northern France

A small load from London to Vron, Normandy, France

Man and Van Italy

Delivery to Umbria, Italy

Delivering outdoor furniture to a customer's second home in Umbria

Man and Van load from Puglia, Italy

Pet from Puglia

Taking, not only household belongings, but customer's pet doggie too!

Part load from Ostuni to Lancaster

Goods Delivered to Lancaster

A small load, plus a large sofa and some furniture transported from near Ostuni, Puglia, Italy to Lancaster, UK

Small Load to Umbria


A brief rest on a mountain!


Mont Blanc

A few miles before the climb!

Transport through Mont Blanc

More Mont Blanc

Views before crossing into Italy



Delivering at all hours!


Collecting from Storage

A small consignment of garden furniture from Hampshire to Tuscany, Italy

Furniture delivery to Umbria

Mount Corona, Umbria

Just prior to collecting some artwork from Umbria to take back to Bath

Small load from UK to Umbria, Italy

All Sorts Delivered!

A regular client takes delivery of a lawnmower trailer and assorted goods

Transport to Umbria, Italy

Delivery to Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

A beautiful house on the top of another Umbrian Mountain

Motorbike Transport from Italy

Motorbike from Montone, Italy

Collecting a motorbike from Montone, Italy destined for Aberdeenshire


Puncture Repair!

Not everything goes to plan! The mountain roads of Italy take their toll!


Views From Up High

Morning views from a mountain in Umbria, Italy


Dunkirk Security

Test for living beings inside the van commence!


Delivery to Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

A beautiful house on the top of another Umbrian Mountain


Eyes from Milan!

This was a collection of some eyes on dry ice to be delivered to Porton Down, Wiltshire


Umbria Art!

Collecting some very large paintings from Italy going to the Isle of Wight


Alfresco in Umbria!

Hospitable customers feeding me Italian style!


A Happy Customer!

Graham and his wife Lin, reluctantly say goodbye to their house in Umbria


Pet Transport!

Bingo hitches a ride to Puglia, Italy!

Italy Removals

Part load to Oria, Puglia

Delivering some boxes from St Albans to Oria, Italy


Roadside Cheffing!

While the weather just about allowed for some outdoor cooking, I cooked up some grub!


Furniture to Geneva, Switzerland

Two desks and two office chairs for a dedicated load to Geneva


London to Parma

A 6:30am delivery of some boxes. Stealthfully done so as not to break Italian noise laws!


Climbing in Como!

A seemingly endless set of steps near Lake Como for a delivery of some garden furniture


Full van load to Ceglie, Puglia

A removal from Spalding UK to Ceglie, sunny southern Italy


A removals job from Umbria to UK

From sunny Umbria, Italy to storage facilities in the UK


Packed in!

Customer Graham gives the thumbs up to the van packing!


Dash Cat!

Minnie the cat has a brief wander around the van for five minutes


Views over Lake Como

January overlooking the lake near San Siro, Como.