Upcoming Trips

You may be able to take advantage of the space still available on one of my next trips. A full van constitutes 12 cubic metres at 900kgs

March 26th - 31st 2023 : ITALY 


  • 2 cubic metres from Sheffield UK to Como IT
  • 1.5 cubic metre Gloucester to Pietralunga, IT
  • 1 cubic metres from London to Umbertide IT
  • 1.5 cubic metres from Hampshire to Monte Castello di Vibio, IT
  • 0.5 cubic metre from London to Orvieta, Terni, IT


  • FULL VAN from Nocera Umbra, Perugia, Umbria, IT to Oxfordshire, UK

April 5th - 11th 2023 : ITALY/FRANCE


  • 6 cubic metres (multiple customers) from UK to Ostuni, IT
  • (pending) 5 cubic metres Plymouth UK to Pofi, Frosinone, IT
  • 0.5 cubic metres from Bath, UK to Rome, IT


  • 1 cubic metre from Rome, IT to London, UK
  • 3 cubic metres from Catania, Sicily, IT to Aquitaine, FR
  • 2 cubic metres from near Piacenza, IT to Gt Dunmow, Essex, UK
  • 1 cubic metre from St Tropez, FR to London, UK